My name is Marie-Hélène Burle, but I go by Marie and code under the pseudo “prosoitos”.
Behavioural and evolutionary biologist by training, I help scientists and research teams transition to open source tools, better coding practices, and version control for improved reproducibility, code review, and collaboration.

It is important for me to acknowledge here all the open source tools which make my life happier:

- Hugo which powers this site and hyde-hyde which provided the starting point for its theme,
- Arch Linux,
- GNU Emacs and myriad packages including EXWM, helm, undo-tree, ESS, company, mu4e,
- R and countless packages,
- Ranger,
- qutebrowser,
- Git,
- Tig,
- rxvt-unicode,
- Zsh,
- restic,
- ImageMagick,
- Autokey,
- Redshift,
- Rofi,
- Rclone,
- Gimp,
and so many others.

To everyone contributing to the open source community: thank you!